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said you were gonna hurt
but you didn't listen
now your heart's broken.
rid yourself of the blindness
that makes you fail to see
there's more to us than just this.
you're crying your heart out
blubbering on and on through tears.
but i don't feel the urge to say
"told you so, but you didn't hear."
i want to take your hand
and tell you i'm sorry
though i knew i wasn't wrong.
i want to wrap my arms around you
and tell you not to worry
though i'm not sure what the future holds.
i want to wipe the tears away;
your vision's turning blurry
and play you a little love song.
but i can't, and it's killing me.
you don't want me the way
i want you.
can't make that first move
that risks us from head to foot.
i want to make it better,
draw you the picture
of you, and me, and us
so you would finally understand.
but i can't,
and it's killing me.
it's killing us both.

august 20, 2009