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he's amazing! he's perfect! he's wrong!

he's too nice
too good, too perfect.
the teachers love him
the girls giggle
when he walks by.
he's amazing
smart, too perfect
but he isn't you.
there's no bounce in his step
when he's walking
his smile doesn't reach his eyes.
he's amazing
but he's too perfect.
the girls shove me
onto him
i sigh, roll my eyes
and then fake a smile.
he takes my hand
(didn't feel a thing)
didn't feel the urge to laugh.
he's amazing
he's perfect
he's boring
he's plain.
he isn't you.
he's amazing,
he's responsible,
he's smart
but i'm tired of it.
i miss you:
your unpredictability
your eyes in the sun
he's nice, he's good
he's perfect;
he's wrong!
i can't picture him
walking down the beach
with me
holding my hand
or punching my shoulder
i see your face instead of his.
i can't picture him
playing with my little sis
i see your face instead of his.
what i'm trying to say,
i guess,
is he's wrong for me;
it's you i want and miss.